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 A Trip Across The Country

Let Us Drive You To Your Next Destination

Our drivers at A Trip Across the Country are dedicated to helping you (and your pets) get from one place to another.  Whether your destination is across the state or across the nation (and/or Canada), we will safely and comfortably drive you from door to door in a car, minivan or RV.  We will be at your doorstep, on-time and ready to go when you are.

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No Matter Where You Want To Go, We've Been There...

At A Trip Across The Country, we have friends and family that are wary of flying or using some other form of mass transportation.  And for those of you with pets we know how much their comfort and safety means to you.  Our solution is simple:  let us drive you (and your pets) to wherever you want to go.  Whether it's by car, minivan or RV we will help you get to your destination safely, comfortably and on-time.   Give us a call or drop us a line today.  We're happy to discuss your trip with you without any cost or obligation.  We can be reached at (818) 470-8374 or email  We look forward to hearing from you!

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Horseshoe Falls

Horseshoe Falls is the largest of the three waterfalls that collectively form Niagara Falls.   About 90% of the Niagara River, flows over Horseshoe Falls.


Welcome To America

As you drive through parts of the Midwest there's not a skyscraper to be found.  Instead, there are beautiful sites like this small farm in Indiana


Hoover Dam

Hoover Dam: The Hoover Dam was built in the 1930's to irrigate and provide hydroelectric power to the states of California and Arizona.


Hunter's Lake

Nestled in the Allegany Mountains of Pennsylvania, Hunter's Lake is a popular fishing spot long treasured by locals.


Biltmore Estate

Located in Asheville, NC. it is the largest single-family residence in the world.  Completed in 1895, the house has 235 rooms and sits on 8,000 acres of land.


Our Services

Yes, we drive.  But there's so much more.

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Help Plan Your Trip

Planning any type of travel can be overwhelming.  Let us give you a hand.   We'll give you a detailed cost estimate well in advance and talk to you in detail about your expectations for this trip.  We'll choose the safest and fastest route, help pack your car, and get on the road on-time. 

We'll stop at the best places for gas and refreshments and point out the interesting sites along the way.   Hotels:  we know them all and will be happy to make reservations for you.  All you need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.


RV Travel Can Be Very Comfortable

For longer trips, many of our clients prefer the comfort of an RV.  All RV's come equipped with a queen or king size bed, a bathroom with a shower, and a fully functional kitchen.



Moving can be an exhausting and emotional experience, and certainly no fun!  Let us help you coordinate getting you packed, loaded and on the road.  When everything gets to your destination, we can help coordinate the unpacking part as well.


Have Questions? Drop Us A Line

At A Trip Across The Country, we are committed to answering you within 24 hours of receiving your email or call.  Let us have the opportunity to tell you all about ourselves.  Please take a minute and complete the form below.  Thanks.  You'll be hearing from us soon.

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